AZARANG is a pioneer in prodcecing industrial ceramic field

AZARANG as a production and research company is honor that in line of country's progress and considering the increasing need for this kind of products and taking advantage of new scientific findings , could succeed to produce several kinds of product and in order to meet basic requirements of customers in different industries like as heating and cooling installations , water , steam, petroleum, gas, lighting, pharmaceutical and food has proceeded to produce thermal and electrical insulators, refractory parts, acid and base resistant components and type of industrial porcelain .

Managing director: ARDALAN KORDOGHLI

AZARANG , with more than 20 years experience has done his activity with specialty and has succeeded to produce more than 2500 kinds of ceramic parts

AZARANG is ready to make all kind of ceramic parts as your wish we welcome your orders, and we believe that we own this big achievement first to Lord then to your supports and critiques

The products of this unit are as follow:

Torch ignition electrodes-stove-heaters-water heaters-heating systems

Torch ion electrodes-ovens- stoves- heaters- heating systems

Spark plugs of industrial machines

Controlling tools of water, oil, liquid level in cantiners

Different typs of wire resistor

Thermocouple sheath and protective layers of inisotion pillars

Electric sockets and ceramic sockets

Ceramic of copper cable welding